The culture of having the coffee

Iz Zagreb we pay very much attention to the culture of having a coffee. I mean, it is completely normal to us, and we notice that we do it in very special way the moment we leave our town and try to have a coffee elsewhere. That’s when troubles start – if we don’t get our long espresso in small cup, together with big glass of water – I truly don’t understand how can anybody have a coffee without drinking a big glass of water with it – coupled with a small cookie aside, we can talk all day long about lousy experience we had. and how great is to have a coffee in Zagreb.

There is so many varieties of it, with cold milk, with warm milk, short cappuccino, long cappuccino, coffee with whipped cream, cafe latte, in the small cup or in a big one, and all of that in decaf version.

I sometimes wonder how good memory must an average  waiter have to remember all that detailed description we use to describe our coffee order – longer one, in a small cap, with few drops of cold milk and big glass of water, with un-ordered added value of a cookie.

You can guess I’m a coffee lover, don’t you 🙂