Loly Loves You

Loly Loves You = Loly Te Voli

It is a name of beautiful little doll person … well I have to say “person” because  each one is different and unique, new in many way, as we all are.

Gorgeous little dolls are made by two young women, Antonia i Andrea, and the very first Loly was born 5 yrs ago … she will be going to school soon, won’t she?

The one in the photos is mine (you could’ve guessed that), and it took me about an hour to choose it from 20-30 Lolys that were in the shop. Not an easy choice, but I’m still very happy with my little one. I think that cute little owl made a difference .. otherwise I would still be in the shop, choosing!

Once you choose it, Loly becomes very adaptable little lady and you can wear it as the pendant or as the brooch.

Here is Loly’s facebook page, and if you fancy them so much you can order one directly from the artists, or you get it in few (better) souvenir shops in Zagreb:

TAKE ME HOME – Tomićeva 4, Zagreb
NAVI – Tkalčićeva 42, Zagreb
PAPRENJAK – Hotel Regent Esplanada, Mihanovićeva 1, Zagreb