Deep forest retreat 20 min from very town center

One of the greatest things in Zagreb is that there are many points where center of the town meets deep forest wisps. One of the best of their meeting points is in Šestine (yes, the origin of beautiful red umbrella), and you can get there by 20 min bus ride (102 line) from British square, the very center of Zagreb. You’ll recognize get-out bus stop by this beautiful St Mirko’s church:


Here you get off the bus, and head north, by the old cemetery behind the church … and from now on you just go strait and enjoy! You will pass by Šestinski Lagvić, well known restaurant, but don’t stop there at this point because the great view from its terrace will stop you from going further … and the adventure I’m writing about is just around the corner:


You keep going strait and you will arrive to the the entry point of the deep forest path, easy and wide, the point where starts your 60 min deep forest retreat:


Of course, you’ll take the right path and very soon any urban sound will leave your ears. This is a safe and easy path, and you’ll meet there all kind of people: runners, teenagers, tired business people, old people, mothers with little children …

Strangely, everybody who passes you by will say “halo” – it is a traditional custom here in Croatia, when you meet people wondering in the wood, you salute them weather you know them or not.

And this is all you’ll hear:

At the end, here is a map, so you don’t get lost. I mean, you can’t get lost, it is a strait road. Still, the map is here:

karta zdenac