Locally grown strawberries

There are many small plantations of strawberries around the city of Zagreb, and it would be a pity if you wouldn’t try any. In Zagreb we call our homegrown strawberries “jagodica bobica”, which means “strawberry berry”. But beside our Strawberries berries, in our market there are imported strawberries, and sometimes is not easy to recognize which one you buy. Not that I have something against Spanish strawberries, if I was in Span I would insist on them, because I prefer locally grown food. That’s why I suggest that you look for Strawberries berries … but sometimes it is not easy to recognize them.

Beside writing on the bench that claims it’s origin, you have to look for fresh look and rich smell – we usually pass by the bench and then come back if we feel the strawberry smell cloud. Experience shows that very often smaller strawberries have better taste, and people who sell them usually let you to try one. Or two.

In strawberry berry season in Zagreb (in May), our city authorities arrange exclusive selling boots for people who grow strawberries within the Zagreb county, so you can buy Strawberry berries directly from the farmers.

I find it to be a privilege for both sides, because I personalty enjoy buying fresh and locally grown food, and I’m happy to give my money directly to the people who grew it.