Extra Sacher Ice cream at Millenium

Millenium pastry shop in Bogoviceva street is one of the hot spots to visit in Zagreb – they offer great ice cream, more then thirty unusuall and delicious tastes especially designed by Emanuelle Saracino and Raffale Figilola, cake and ice cream chef – artists.

You might think that, regarding an ice cream tastes, you have seen it all – but these tastes will knock you off, and make you beg for more. This time I tried Extra Sacher ice, and it was superkalifragilisticexpialegocius – You have to taste it to understand what I’m talking about!

Since Millenium is in unavoidable Bogoviceva street, you won’t miss it, just get one cup of ice to go or take a seat in the terrace or huge luxury lounge inside. And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, take a walk to the basement into the ladies room … I never know what to think about it 😉