Fried chicken liver with mushrooms at Leonardo’s

Trattoria Leonardo offers Italian food with touch of Zagreb, and this time we picked Zagreb traditional dish Fried chicken liver with mushrooms and rice – and it was just like my grandmother used to do it. This is a meal she would prepare if I looked sick (and had eat to get better) or if I looked to skinny (to her) – you know how grandmothers have their own scale of values.

Any way, this dish is taste of old Zagreb and continental part of Croatia. Must try it … it is great value for 5eur!

The only challenge is how to get a table at Leonardo’s – they don’t take reservations, and all tables are most of the time full, especially during the lunch time.

You’ll always find some people hanging around Leonardos terrace in Skalinska street and waiting for a free table, if you go by you’ll have to avoid the crowd. It usually takes 10-15min to get one, and it is worth waiting for, indeed.