My name is Di Novak and I am an architect, photographer, artist and life coach with art therapy background. Since im in my best years now (you know what they are, don’t you) I’m getting so many less or more crazy ideas, and this blog with personal approach is one of them. I hope it will be one is here to stay, because I like it so much and I really enjoy working on it.

I live in Zagreb all my life, and I walk through it almost every day, and really love it, enjoy it. I always say, if I was a tourist, I would love it like crazy!

There are many traditional fairs going on here – you may bump on one on our main square, and there are many art events on the street, and of course in the galleries as well. Many people are making their living producing beautiful handmade things, clothes, bags, jewelry, and I’m happy each time when I find something new. Or a new cozy restaurant that cooks homelike dishes. You know, all things that a bit older teenager like 🙂

I visit those places regularly, and I’ll be taking you with me from now on.

I hope you like stuff I put here, as well as the photos … btw I never leave my home without the camera.

All of my photos are downloadable directly from my Flick account, share them or use with attribution for non commercial purposes.

Thank you for visiting Zagreb, and remember – Zagreb loves you (back)!

ps if you have any questions, feel free to email me

pps you may visit my other sites: artdinovak.com   dnk.com  zelena blogerica